Help create a safe environment

 10 takeaways to help you create a safe environment and improve client outcomes:

  1. Movement can facilitate completion of an emotional response and nervous system discharge.
  2. Grounding techniques such as bilateral tapping can help down-regulate the amygdala and promote regulation.
  3. You can help your clients be in the present moment by utilizing grounding and orienting techniques that support the sense of Time and Space.
  4. Start the school day with listening therapy in order to help students feel safe.
  5. The SSP can help clients access “degrees of freedom” and improve their resilience.
  6. You can slow down and titrate a therapy session (in order to prevent flooding) by utilizing Pause and Grounding techniques
  7. Experiencing warmth is essential when one is working with trauma and attachment needs.  It can defragment and create the connections essential to healing.
  8. Use phrases such as “what was there for you?” and “what’s that about” when going through the protocol to check in. Non-judgmental and open questions.
  9. Giving clients a visual handout of feelings and sensations can help in tracking their felt sense throughout a session.
  10. “Felt Sense” is another word for sensation, and involves body and psychological self-awareness.

Ana do Valle’s website

Article posted on Integrated Listening Systems webpage


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