Trivia: What are the only two fears humans are born with?

Answer: Falling and Loud Noises

Both the fears that humans are born with deal with our hearing-balance and listening systems (Inner ear and pathways that connect to the brain for listening and balance).
ONE more reason why intervention, for auditory weaknesses, is very important.
We do a lot of reflex integration work in our clinic and attribute this innate fear of sound and falling to the Moro (startle) reflex, which is necessary for protection and survival in newborns. Interestingly enough, we find signs of unintegrated Moro reflexes in many of the school-aged children that come to our clinic with auditory and vestibular sensitivities. This is a huge reason why we incorporate developmental reflex screenings and integration (when warranted) into our APD evaluations and therapy.
Just some more trivia and food for thought!

Moro/Startle reflex which is associated with negative emotional reactions:

We learn in school about the CLASSICAL auditory pathway (Central Auditory Nervous System), but we NEVER learn much about or anything about the NON-CLASSICAL auditory pathway that goes from the upper auditory brainstem directly to the limbic system-emotional center of our brains.  REACTIONS to negative emotionality can involve the Moro reflex (and many of the emotional reactions starting with the limbic system are reflexive).
Possibly early MORO responses we see in young people and people with such Moro Reflex problems later in life might be tied in with the connection between the auditory system and the limbic system.
This could explain why over time we can help desensitize the person and reduce the reflexive reactions (Moro response) by reducing and (hopefully) removing the negative reactions to sounds, especially loud sounds.  My publications and research on this have also discussed the use of listening therapies like iLS and now SSP and Vital Links (therapeutic listening) and The Listening Program (TLP) to help reduce the negative emotional reactions between the non-classical auditory system and limbic system.
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