Parent/ Self Testimonials

  1. (Practitioner- Dr. Kavita Kaul Richmond VA ): I am truly amazed at the progress-‘A’- has made this year. Thank you for all the hard work you do for her benefit.-          Nicole B
  2. (Practitioner- Dr. Christa Reeves Atlanta GA)  I have noticed a marked improvement with Tripp since coming to Little Listeners!  Less drama during homework, grades are trending upward and his attention span is significantly improved!  Thank you! Michelle-Parent

  3. (Practitioner- Dr. Kavita Kaul Richmond VA ): My daughter has improved so much with her comprehension of words and sounds, as well as her fluency in speech.   She enjoys coming to each session.   We have been given at home exercises to continue her training in between sessions, which has helped dramatically.  My daughter would not be doing well in school if we hadn’t started therapy with Kavita.  Thank you so much! -Wendy N
  4. (Practioner- Dr. Kavita Kaul Richmond VA; Practioner Dr. Jay Lucker):My son, Cedric (who we affectionately call “QB”) was diagnosed with an Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) in December 2017 by Dr. Jay Lucker. Even though I am a healthcare professional, I was unfamiliar with this diagnosis and what it ‘really meant’ for my son. Dr. Lucker was optimistic about my son’s future and encouraged us to seek the support of Dr. Kavita Kaul. Prior to seeking out her services, QB was struggling with multi-step directions, was frequently frustrated when introduced to new concepts, he seemed overwhelmed by the expectations at school and he would come home each day completely exhausted and cranky. In addition, he was struggling with developing his reading skills because he could not process much of instruction his teacher was providing.We met Dr. Kaul for the first time on January 2, 2018 and we began services with her at the end of that month. In just 4 ½ short months, QB has developed the ability to understand and follow multi-step directions, his anxiety when being introduced to challenging concepts has decreased, his attention span has increased and he comes home each day with a level of confidence and pride that we have never seen before. He has begun reading at grade level and comes home excited to read to his sister and other family members! I am grateful for the work that Dr. Kaul is doing. She is assisting QB to develop and strengthen skills that will continue to benefit him both academically and well into adulthood. I encourage any and all parents who have children with APD to seek her out. She is a life-changer! -Kristen W
  5. (Practitioner- Dr. Kavita Kaul Richmond VA ) Dr. Kavita Kaul has been exceptionally helpful in diagnosing both of my children with auditory processing disorder and providing them the therapy they need to be successful in and out of the classroom -David L
  6. More letters in February 2013 SSW reports. Please click on the link to read further.
  7. (Practitioner- Dr. Kavita Kaul Richmond VA ) When we first brought our son John to Dr. Kaul, he did not like to read and was scoring at “Not Meeting Expections”. John was also very distracting in class, both to himself and the other children. Since he has been seeing Dr. Kaul, his behavior has begun to improve, and most importantly John’s reading has taken off. He finished the school year with an “Exceeds Expectations” and is 2 full reading levels ahead of where they wanted him to be. His spelling has also seen a remarkable increase. Now, John brings us books to read to us and even challenges himself with more advanced level material.Thank you,        Matt F
  8. (Practitioner- Dr. Kavita Kaul Richmond VA ) APD Therapy Testimonial: My son was who has Autism was diagnosed with APD 3 years ago at age 8 and since then we started the journey of APD remediation therapy. I have been thoroughly pleased with the benefit and incredible advancements this has provided to us, in the overall function of my child. He is able to tolerate loud noises, decoding at age level as tested by school per Woodcock Johnson 2 assessment, is more regulated, able to have at least one verbal exchange with another person, reading level improved. His motor difficulties have also resolved since starting this: my child is able to eat different foods, easily work with fasteners, zip, loops, buttons and play tennis! Important to note, there was no Occupational Therapy provided and this was the only therapy that was given to my child in the 3 year span. Overall, I feel it was one of the best things we did when he needed it most. Our therapist has been always been proactive and has tried various interventions/ programs and evaluated if they helped him.  Thanks Swapna

  9. (Practioner- Maryann Kaminsky Richmond VA) (Practitioner- Dr. Kavita Kaul Richmond VA ) Hi, Maryann!  It is always great to hear from you. I never miss a chance to brag about Seth and I am glad you will have the chance to showcase the hard work you, Dr. Kaul, and Mrs. Buckner put into him. Please feel free to use his name and whatever information would be helpful.
    Wow, where to start? When Seth started his journey with you all he was frustrated and ready to give up. Being in a family of readers he knew something was different but had no idea what it was. His reading level was very low. Lessons learned one day seemed to evaporate overnight. He has trouble following directions. Everything was a challenge school wise and he would give up at every obstacle. And personally, although I believe somewhat related, he always seemed to be ready to blow up at the slightest provoking. I was trying my best but it seemed like no matter how I presented information to Seth (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, etc.) The information became jumbled and confused. Often times he would sit and stare as if life was taking an unexpected toll and he didn’t have energy for extra mental stimulation, daydreaming, or sometimes even to play. Through his work with you, Dr. Kaul, and Mrs. Buckner Seth became a totally different person. It was not overnight but the progress was steady. Seth started following directions with multiple steps. Information was retained. He met challenges (both from school and in his personal life) with gusto. He began to explain concepts well. I about died when he started reading for fun! His grades were as bright as his new found smile. Seth says that life made more sense because he could put things in order and trust his recall of information. Now Seth turned seventeen in December. He is just starting his first job as a lifeguard. He is charming, kind, and delightful. He loves debate, politics, trivia, and reading. He takes initiative in almost any situation. He volunteers with our church as an usher and with the children’s ministry. Everyone loves him. In the last six months he discovered Tetris and within two months (despite having limited computer time) became one of the highest ranked players in the country. Tetris is a video game but I like it because it uses spacial summation and quick thinking. Seth says he still uses his skills he learned in speech and auditory processing therapy daily, but his coping mechanisms are not obvious. Somethings still take him more time than expected but he doesn’t give up. He tells me his career goals are to either be a chef or go into politics. He is looking forward to taking a couple of community college classes over the summer and transitioning to a full community college schedule in the fall. He is a totally normal or even exceptional kiddo!! He also says to tell you hello and give a hug to Elmo for him. He uses the recipe book you gave him quite a lot. He makes treats from scratch for his youth group each week. Thanks for the opportunity to brag about Seth. And thank you for all of the hard work you put into him. All the very best,Larae and Seth
  10. (Practioner- Maryann Kaminsky Richmond VA)  (Practitioner- Dr. Kavita Kaul Richmond VA ) I think that the auditory processing therapy and speech therapy were huge helps. It took a lot of therapy and I think over time he was able to use what he learned to work for him. He also learned how to study on his own and he does it for hours. I cannot go into specifics with what therapy you and Maryann did because I wasn’t present during the sessions, but I don’t think he would be where he is today had he not done them. Maryann spent a lot of time on Reading Comprehension, which continues to be his weakness, but he is so much better with reading and processing the information. His decoding skills are now above average according to his Language Fundamentals teacher. Michael really struggled early on with expressing himself. Michael had a lot of smart information in his head, but when he tried to articulate it, he honestly didn’t make sense some times. This is why I think he did so poorly on the WISC test when he was 8 or 9. After years of auditory processing, Speech, and Occupational Therapy he finally got that “click” and he did great on the WISC 2 years ago (slightly above average) and he is getting A’s in all the core subjects at school (B+ in PE and Drama). Fast Forward was a great success in my opinion, really helped Michael with reading comprehension.FM system did not help Michael and he found it uncomfortable and gave him headaches at the end of each school day.  Michael did not do vision therapy. He wore glasses for astigmatism, but that went away and so he no longer wears glasses. OT was a huge help with Emily Mason. His handwriting improved, his strength improved and his spacial orientation when writing and drawing on paper greatly improved. He continues to be very athletic and is captain of his middle school basketball team.  Juliana
  11. (Practitioner Dr. Turetgen) Chicago Illinois, and San Antonio Texas: I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks.  Today I had [my daughter’s] Domains meeting and your report was invaluable in providing a complete shift of approach.  The school agreed to do a complete evaluation including cognitive, ADHD, speech, LD both reading and math and sociology-emotional.  Your piece of the puzzle opened up doors to get a more complete picture on how to support [my daughter]. I am so grateful!
  12. (Practitioner Dr. Turetgen) Chicago Illinois, and San Antonio Texas:“ …I have to tell you she went to speech therapy and met a goal of “past tenses” she’s been trying to meet for years!!!” (received 9/11/2020 from parent)
  13. (Practitioner- Dr. Kavita Kaul Richmond VA ): My eighteen-year-old son has only been working with Kavita for a short time, but his understanding about his own auditory processing has been invaluable. He wanted to work with her because he found the lessons productive and helpful. He liked that she had many adult clients and was reassured that he was like others that needed these skills and training to be successful in life. As a parent, I felt he was recognizing when to “lean in” to a conversation and didn’t disappear as often at the end of dinner. He developed confidence and was able to interview confidently for his upcoming career. We are grateful for the six months of work with Kavita, and hope he can continue when he is on his next break. (Sheila F)